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We are a small cattery striving for beautiful, show quality Ragdolls with the temperament for which they are so well known. Having been active in animal rescue, first and foremost our cats are all house pets. When I bought my first Ragdoll, Holly, my intention was to breed only the best! I did not want my kittens ending up as rescue cases. While Holly was small, and the only adult I have not Championed, she has produced several champions and every kitten she has ever had is bigger than she is. Hollyís middle name is "Joy", and that is what she brought us. We had two elderly domestic cats that were dying; when the first one had to be put down, and the other was next to go, we got Holly. My husband hadnít smiled in months as we gave "the old guys" nightly subq fluids and wrestled with our sorrow. Holly came into our lifeÖ and for the first time in months, my husband smiled. We laughed through our tears and we will always remember the joy she brought to our lives in such a sad time.

Our next cat was "PJ". PJ has been without a doubt a gift. He was amazing in the show ring, he is sweet and loving, and as an added bonus, he is a number one clown. As he approaches four years old, he is still amusing, and climbs under the covers at night to snuggle and get his pats and special attention. He will always be one of my very special cats. We are blessed to have been so lucky, and thank JaNeil Cillessen for this absolutely fantastic boy.

PJ and Hollyís first litter was a thrill. We had the most absolutely most beautiful seal mitted girl that we planned to show, and her personality was fabulous. We named her Bliss, in line with the Joy that Holly had given us. As many breeders have experienced, she came up with a mismark. But this was a disqualifying mismark. Alas, we were so enamored with her, we spayed her and kept her AND her sister anyway. The REAL Bliss is now called Monkey sheís quite the gymnast and her lynx mitted sister is Bliss Too.

Bliss Too (whom we call Bliss and it confuses everybody!) finished her Championship in TICA with a best cat. During this time, she found her own spot in the world, and became a little bit more like her dad (silly boy) PJ.

In 2002, we finally got the blue mitted girl Iíd wanted since day one BellaPalazzo Devyn of Cathedral. She has a face like an angel and I fell in love with her immediately. Thank you Mindy for this beautiful girl. Devyn was shown just once as a kitten and once as an adult, yet garnered the Best Blue mitted in CFF for the 2002-2003 show year. Sheís Championed in TICA, where I only showed her once. With great anticipation, I waited for her kittens with PJ. I kept a boy, "Wilder", though I have to admit it was a difficult decision between the two boys. The girls were beautiful too, and I almost kept the last girl to go as she became more and more stunning.

We have Freya, a PJ/QP girl who is also Championed. She is so much like her dad and keeps us giggling. She has such a sweet face which goes charmingly with her adorable personality.

We have her mother, QP, who sadly came to us after Solveig Foley died. Solveig became a friend after meeting each other at a show and thrilled that we lived in the same town. She was enamored with PJ. She bought QP for PJ, but never was able to show her. After the family gave QP to me, I took her out in honor of Solveig, and she has Championed. QP is a love and Iím sure it is because Solveig adored this girl so much. She has the most beautiful deep blue eyes, and the sweetest expression, which she has passed onto her children. I hope, up above, that Solveig is looking down and knows this kitty is special to us, too.

China is one of my favorites. Out of a litter of 3 lynx boys and just the one seal point girl, China was the one I wanted to keep. At a week old, she developed a horrible case of watery diarrhea and I called the local vet to see what I could do. He wanted a stool sample, but she was so tiny it was almost impossible. I brought him just a very tiny bit , but it was not enough to test. It was winter, but I dragged this little kitten out in the freezing weather a day or two later; he shrugged and told me I had a fading kitten. He couldnít do any better than I had at getting a sample. None of the other kittens all boys were sick.

I called my "real" vet ĺ of an hour away, totally distraught. She said "put her on Pedialite and give her a couple drops at a time of Kaopectate." The fluids when in one end and out the other. Two weeks later, she hadnít gained a single ounce, but was fighting for her life. My vet called and I told her "this kitten is so hungry sheís pouncing to get her fluids". My vet said if sheís lapping, give her baby meat. Practically the minute I fed her baby food, the diarrhea stopped. She started to thrive. One of my friends stopped by about a week later. I had some people here to see another kitten in that litter. The boys were huge. China was half their size, and my friend kidded me about having an apple head Siamese. The couple strongly objected to that. My little China Doll was protected from this accusation. Itís been a joke since thenÖ

My little China Doll has grown to be one of my larger cats. She has striking color and although the points donít do well in shows, she finished her Championship, and I was absolutely thrilled. China stills thinks Iím her mommy, and although Iíve been waiting for her to have kittens, she just looks at me (instead of PJ) and seems to say "What are you doing?!" She not only "follows you around", but is the sweetest loving lap cat we have. She is so very special, and the effort was so worth it to see her endearing, sweet face. I will be thrilled if she considers PJ worthy of her attention.

Wilder and Derby are our upcoming kittens. I hope they will do well they have a great background. PJ has some beautiful girls that I have kept and we needed another male (or two??).

We have been fortunate to have placed almost all of our kittens in exceptional homes. The last kitten/cat I want to mention is Ch. Cathedral Bethany Blue of Lottarags. Although Iíve been showing and breeding Ragdolls about 4 Ĺ years, all but one of our kittens are early spay/neutered. Bethany is special. She is a full sister to our Freya, but even nicer. We couldnít keep another female, but people were calling me for PJ kittens. I donít sell breeders. But this girl was very special. There were several people who wanted her, but I just kept saying no. Long story short, Denise and Lenny met me at a show with PJ and Freya. They fell in love with them. They had bought a pet Ragdoll, and showed him at that show in HHP. He didnít go home with anything. They had bought two breeders from a long-time cattery. They got sick animals.

Denise and I talked a lot. She came to visit Bethany with her husband Lenny and her son Michael. I take selling a breeder cat very seriously because of my rescue background. Will they do the right thing? Backyard breeding is absolutely against all I believe in. Will they love the cat? Will it end up in a shelter.

Bethany has the most wonderful home I could have hoped for. Lenny, Denise and Michael dote on her. Instead of the "try to Champion her in at least one organization", they have been totally thrilled with how well sheís done in the ring, and become serious show enthusiasts. It has given me so much pleasure that Bethany has done well. But most of all, they have become very good friends. They love their girl, and are so appreciate and loving both of their cats and also of me. Itís been the most rewarding of all of my experience with Ragdolls. They are very special people, and I would like to give them a big "Congratulations!" for all that they have done for Bethany.







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Marcy Anderson
New Hampshire



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